Video Demos

  • Ezequiel Guerra - Hosting Demo - Buckle Up
    Buckle Up was a great 1/2 hour show shot in and around Houston, TX and ran on the local CBS Station (KHOU). I remember the director, J Kendel Johnson, telling me Buckle Up got higher ratings than the football game that aired before it. That was exciting news, especially because we were addressing an important topic.

  • Ezequiel Guerra - Television Serial Demo - It's Your Game
    This was a great project developed for schools. Students could watch a scene then evaluate the scenario and make the right decisions for the characters; which they would see in the following video. There should be more of these serials being used in schools; it's a fun way to learn valuable decision making skills.

  • Ezequiel Guerra - Animation Feature Demo - 911-911
    I play a Salvador (Chili), young Chilean immigrant newly arrived in New York. I am so proud of this project. The film won many awards among, them; in 2008, the Chilean Culture and Arts Council awarded 9-11/9-11 the prestigious Pedro Sienna Award (the Chilean "Oscar") for Best Animated Short Fil

  • Ezequiel Guerra - Film Demo - IEP
    I play Javier Ortiz, special education teacher.
    IEP is a short film that tells the fictional story of Xavier, an 8-year-old African-American boy in South Los Angeles. The film focuses on the struggles he faces when his behavioral problems are misdiagnosed and he is placed in special education; a growing problem in America.
    For more on the film:

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